Betsy’s Music

“Pink Umbrellas”

Betsy’s New Hula Tune
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Betsy’s Christmas

Betsy’s CD for the Holidays
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Betsy 2000

Betsy’s first CD recording as a solo artist
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Sing along with Betsy as she sings “OUR JACK SPROUT”, and listen as she tells the story of Jack Sprout, the little sunflower seed who grew up to be a farmer!
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“Misty” & "Since I Fell for You"

Betsy singing on The Olliephonics Horns Live Volume Five
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The Bill Noble Trio

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Betsy & Chris Albums

Betsy and Chris, Elizabeth Wagner (born September 4, 1952) and Christine Rolseth (born June 25, 1952), were a folk music duo from Hawaii and Idaho respectivly who sang in the Japanese language, and had a string of hits in Japan from 1969 to 1972. They originally came to Japan as members of The Sound of Young Hawaii in 1969.

Betsy & Chris
Folk Album

Betsy & Chris
Wonderful World of Aloha
Hawaiian songs, recorded in Hawaii

Betsy & Chris
Autumn in Village
Collection of Japanese lullabies

Betsy & Chris
Golden Hits
Collection of favorite Japanese contemporary songs

B & C
Half English / half Japanese

Betsy & Chris
Folk Album 2
American folk songs

Betsy & Chris on Stage
Collection of Japanese folk songs and American folk songs

B & C Recital
Live recording of the last Tokyo concert

The Best of Betsy & Chris
Includes original songs “Fly” and “Our Theme”

Other Releases:

Clem Low Trio, 1993

Hello, Honolulu, Johnny Spencer 1982

Honey, Johnny Spencer 1980